Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Declawing Cats May Be Banned In New York State

Although the state vet association fought them tooth and nail, the New York state legislature has passed a ban on declawing cats. Read about what's involved in declawing, why all paws need claws, alternatives to declawing and other states that want vets to keep their paws off cats' claws.

Declawing cats could become illegal in New Yrok
Declawing cats could become illegal in New York.
Photo © Olga Kurguzova/
After years of trying, New York is just one paw print away from becoming the first state to ban declawing cats. The state legislature passed the bill on June 4. It's now awaiting Gov. Andrew Cuomo's signature.

Cuomo's office told the New York Times he'll review the measure but wouldn't say whether it will win his paw print of approval.

Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal first proposed a ban on declawing cats in 2015. Since then, the state Veterinary Medical Society has been fighting her

proposed legislation tooth and nail.

Trotting Out The Usual Excuse For Declawing Cats

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Cats With Cancer Find Hope From Petco & Blue Buffalo

Are you living with a cat with cancer? Find out how you might be able to get help with vet bills, learn the warning signs of cats with cancer and see how you may be able to reduce your cat's risk.

Blue Buffalo and the Petco Foundation are searching for cures for cancer in cats.
Blue Buffalo and The Petco Foundation
search for cures for cancer in cats.
Cures for cats with cancer are elusive, to say the least. But Blue Buffalo and the Petco Foundation are determined to find the answers.
The two recently announced plans to raise an additional $2.6 million this year to add to the $15 million they've already invested in companion animal cancer research and treatment.

The Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo started the Pet Cancer Awareness Campaign in 2010 with the goals of finding a cure for dogs and cats with cancer, raising awareness of this devastating disease and providing information and financial assistance to people whose animal companions have cancer. 

Help With Vet Bills For Cats With Cancer