Thursday, January 24, 2019

It's New! Amazon's Private Label Cat Food

Amazon's private label cat food went on sale earlier this month.
In its never-ending craving for still more business, Amazon launched a private label cat food brand earlier this month. Wag, Amazon's private label cat food, comes in seven flavors. But based on the reviews so far, cats aren't exactly wagging their tails with joy when they see the cans coming out. 

Not that cats ever wag their tails with joy. Amazon began its foray into the private label pet food business with dog food called Wag. 

There's Nothing New About Amazon's Private Label Cat Food 

In its speed to pounce on the latest trends -- the growing pet food market and the increasing popularity of wet food among cat caretakers -- Amazon didn't waste a lot of time coming up with unique products.

Its private label cat food looks pretty much like all the other cat food you see on the pet supply store shelves.

Check the ingredients before you buy. The Chicken & Giblets flavor contains carrots, peas and potatoes.

The food is made in factories in the US and Canada. The beef, turkey and chicken are sourced from the US and Canada. Salmon comes from the UK, Denmark, Canada and the US. Tuna is sourced from Ecuador, Spain and the US. Other ingredients come from around the world. 

Nipping At Its Own Cat Supply Sellers

Private label cat and dog food are just the latest way Amazon is competing with other brands and sellers on its website. In 2016, the company launched AmazonBasics, which sells cat beds, carriers, scratching posts, cat trees, puppy training pads and more.   

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