Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trumped Up Cats

Trump Your Cat
If there's anything that could trump presidential politics in this primary season, it's an Instagram account featuring pictures of hundreds of cats sporting, if only briefly, The Donald's famous (or maybe infamous) comb-over.

While Donald Trump's poll numbers continue to climb, so do the number of followers of trumpyourcat. There were 17,000 as of Aug. 10. The hashtag #trumpyourcat is trending on Twitter, too.

Adam Myatt didn't mean to offend Trump by being politically incorrect when he started the Internet meme last month. His girlfriend was brushing their cat and was wondering what to do with the hair in the brush.

" 'I put it on our cat's head and thought ‘this is hilarious,’” he told the New York Daily News.

While the picture was just fun, Myatt usually takes cats very seriously. He's one of the founders of Cat Town Cafe and Adoption Center in Oakland, the nation's first cat cafe. Guests of honor at the cafe are adoptable cats from the Cat Town rescue.

When Myatt decided to trump up more cats and put their pictures online, he had lots to choose from. He paired them with some of the more astonishing quotes from the candidate himself, and soon other cat lovers were joining in. There are also a few dogs, bunnies and reptiles on the Instagram page.

My cats are not political animals but if yours would like to become Donald Trump look-alikes on Instagram and Twitter, the instructions are simple.
1. Brush your cat.
2. Form the hair you brushed into a toupee.
3. Place the toupee on the cat
4. Share and tag @trumpyourcat, DM, or #trumpyourcat

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