Friday, January 22, 2016

Tax Collectors Threaten To Hold Cats

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If you happen to live in Siberia and want to keep your pedigreed cat, you'd better pay your taxes on time. That seems to be the message from Interfax, a news agency that reports on Russia, China and emerging Eurasian markets.

As the story goes, a student in the city of Novosibirsk handed over the 12,000 rubles he owed in unpaid taxes after a bailiff entered his apartment and threatened to seize his British Shorthair cat and three kittens.


And his cats weren't the first to be placed "under arrest." A former business owner in Tomsk was able to reclaim her four Scottish Folds after she came up with the money she owed a company pension fund. And in Krasnoyarsk, collectors seized the British Shorthair and rabbit of a man who owed 20,000 rubles in unpaid utility bills.

Wow. Glad they don't do that in the US. The tax collectors could have my condo if they really wanted it, but not my cats!

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