Friday, January 22, 2016

Cats Of Disneyland Caught On Camera

Cats of Disneyland
Feral cats might stay as far from humans as possible, but they're not at all shy when it comes to social media. The Cats of Disneyland (did you even know there are cats at Disneyland?) have a website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and now they're on Instagram.

As the story goes, cats were waiting when Mickey and Minnie arrived at Disneyland in 1955. Walt Disney discovered them when he entered the building that would become Sleeping Beauty's castle. The four-legged sleeping beauties he found were adopted out to cast members. But the others on the property were trapped, neutered and returned. Generations of feral cats have been providing rodent control, with the exception of Mickey and Minnie, of course, ever since.

Feeding stations are scattered around the property, and cast members of Circle D Ranch keep the bowls full and manage the cats. Cats who become too friendly with humans are adopted to Disney employees who promise them forever homes.

Being feral, the Disneyland Cats prefer to sleep during the day and work the night shift when all the humans have left the park. But sometimes a lucky visitor spots one on the prowl during daylight hours. The Instagram account features sightings of cats as they nap in the sun, perch on a rooftop or go for a stroll during the day.

If you're fortunate enough to get a picture of a cat while you're visiting Disneyland, you can send it to It just might show up on Instagram.

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