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Monday, November 13, 2017

Wild Calling Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Cat food manufacturer Wild Calling has filed for bankruptcy protection.
If your cats love food made from alligator or kangaroo, you might have to look beyond Wild Calling to satisfy their craving. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Oct. 25.

In a letter to stakeholders and posted on its Facebook page, the cat and dog food manufacturer cited debt obligations that make it difficult to continue day-to-day operations.

"While largely contingent upon the support of senior lenders and suppliers," the letter says, "the intention is for the company to emerge under a confirmable plan of reorganization as a stronger, more viable company -- financially and operationally."

Tim Petersen and his sons, Jeremy and Trevar, started Wild Calling in 2012 in Greeley, Col. They make dry food and single-protein-source, 96 percent protein wet cat food and dog food. Some of their food is made from unique protein sources. Like alligator and kangaroo.

The food is available from independent pet supply retailers and online.

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