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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Feline Diabetes Risk Factors | Dry Cat Food & Cats Living Strictly Indoors

A study of cats in Swden shows that getting cats outside can lessen the risk of feline diabetes.
Here's a good reason for making sure your cats get some outdoor time: A study of 396 diabetic cats and 1670 control cats showed that the risk of diabetes increases for inactive and moderately active cats who live strictly indoors.

Published by the Winn Feline Foundation, the study was done by a Swedish pet insurance company. The company gathered data using a web-based survey of its customers. All of the cats were the same age.

The cats least likely to develop diabetes: females, cats who are not overweight, cats who have access to outdoors and cats who free feed (but not dry food). Living with a dog helps, too!

Top Risk Factors For Feline Diabetes

We've known about some of the causes of feline diabetes for a long time. But the study of Swedish cats provided some new information, too.

According to the study, overweight and obese cats are more prone to diabetes. We already knew that. But the connection between an all- or mostly-dry-food diet and diabetes even in cats with normal body condition had never been reported before.

Other risk factors for feline diabetes include...
  • A strictly indoor lifestyle
  • "Greedy eaters," as opposed to nibblers. The Winn Feline Foundation says this is also a new finding, and it could be where free feeding to lessen the risk of diabetes comes in.
  •  A history of repeated steroid injections.
In reporting on the study, Winn points out that humans and cats share some risk factors for diabetes. An inactive lifestyle, being overweight and greedy eating are risk factors for people, too.

Today's Recommendation

Can giving a cat access to outside help prevent feline diabetes? There are many good reasons for getting a cat outdoors, so maybe it can. If you decide to give it a try, the Kitty Holster is a safe, very secure harness.

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