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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's Adopt A Cat Month!

It's June, Adopt-A-Cat Month
It's June, American Humane's National Adopt-a-Cat-Month!  During June, the animal welfare organization, hopes you'll adopt a cat, or maybe even two, from a local shelter.

Why June for Adopt-a-Cat Month? This is the time of year when spring kittens flood the shelters. Sadly, many of them, and even more adults, won't come out alive.

And during Adopt-a-Cat Month, American Humane hopes to call attention to cats' unique needs.

Although more people live with cats than dogs, American Humane says cats get less veterinary care than dogs do, have less research dedicated to their unique health/behavioral issues and are more likely to die in shelters than dogs are. They're also less understood by the people they live with than dogs are, and that can cause some difficult behavior issues.

Now Is The Time To Adopt

If you've been thinking adopting, June, when the shelters are overflowing with kittens, is the time to do it. You'll be saving the life of the cat you adopt and freeing up space for another cat in need.

In shelters, adult cats are always the most urgent. But if you really want a kitten, please adopt two! Litter mates are best. If you're considering an adult, also think about adopting two.

Bonded adults become friends for life. Having another cat to play with provides some much-needed exercise and relief from boredom. And two cats will provide companionship and comfort for each other when you're not at home. 

There is a caveat though. Some cats prefer to be only cats, and some like dogs better than cats. Be sure to ask the shelter staff about your cat's likes and dislikes before you adopt a buddy for her. 

What's A Cat Lover To Do

Adoption is just one way of helping shelter cats
Okay, so you can't adopt. But there are other ways to celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month.
-- Foster. Again, you'll be saving a life and making space for another cat in need. And yes, you can adopt out that foster cat when the "purrfect" family comes along!
-- Volunteer. Most shelters and rescues appreciate volunteers to help with cat care and socializing cats.
-- Donate. Shelters and rescues never seem to have enough money. And most appreciate donations of food (find out what brand they feed), bedding and toys.
-- Sponsor A Cat. Maybe you can't adopt right now, but how about sponsoring a cat? Contribute to her care while she's in the shelter and fill up a box with goodies like treats, toys and a comfy blanket for her to take to her new home when she goes. Network for her, too, on your social media pages. You never know who might see her and adopt.
-- Neuter/Spay and Microchip. If we all do our part, we can stop the flood of spring kittens that overwhelm shelters in June. And the microchip? That will be your cat's ticket home if he gets lost and winds up in a shelter.

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