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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Six Cat Product Trends To Watch

So how much would you be willing to pay for a sweater with a picture of a cat on it? If $1,800 sounds about right, Gucci might have one you'll like.

Cats have been decorating apparel for way longer than my own cats' nine lives. But it's taken until now for them to finally catch the high-end designers' eye.

Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Jonathan Anderson all include cats in their recent collections.

Cat Products Trending Now

Wearing a cat without getting fur all over your clothes is just one of the cat product trends Packaged Facts sees for 2017. Here are five more.

  • Made in the USA. From cat food to collars and beds, cat people are looking for products made in America.
  • Functional beds. That round doughnut bed is no longer good enough. Consumers are looking for beds that actually do something, like reflect the cats' body heat to keep them cozy and warm. Cat beds with memory foam mattresses are growing in popularity, too. 
  • Better bowls. Look for cat bowls made from plant fibers, which provide the slightly rough surface many cats prefer. Also new are bowls that are slightly curved so food stays in the center of the bowl instead of being pushed to the sides where it's difficult to eat.
  • Cat strollers. Humans are learning to love strollers, although I'm not so sure about cats. 
  • "Smart" cat products: Are you thinking there must be something else to do with your phone besides taking cat pictures? New apps let you set your cat's feeding times, control portion sizes, talk to him when you're not home and even send him treats. So much for hands on cat care, although if your cat wants wet food, you're still going to have to open the cans yourself.  

Cat Products Trending In The Right Direction

I'm not so sure about that Gucci sweater. It's cute, but I love my collection of cat T-shirts with beautiful, colorful art or life-saving slogans. And I'm on technology overload as it is. The last thing I need is a cat-feeding app on my phone! But I love the whisker-friendly bowls and the beds with a purpose. 

But what I really love is that pet product manufacturers are finally beginning to take cats seriously and think about what they really need. That's something we all should be doing. We all need to learn to think like a cat!

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